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Friday, July 24, 2009

Project List

I was previously known by another handle using my C. J. initials, but I changed it to give a fresh start. I have the unfortunate curse of having many, many ideas and only two hands to complete them with. It is the result of my Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) that I do not have enough focus to stick with one project and get it done quickly. Instead, I have to divert my attention by going from project to project, making little bits of progress here and there until something comes out. Typically, the projects that come out more frequently will be articles. Below are a list of my completed projects followed by a list of projects I am working on.

Here are the Star Frontiers projects I have completed to date:

Species/Gender Ability Modifiers - Star Frontiersman Issue #4-p14
Death Implant - Star Frontiersman Issue #4-p36
Mystery of Starshine - Star Frontiersman Issue #4-p36
Temple Raiders - Star Frontiersman Issue #4-p36
Usurper, the - Star Frontiersman Issue #4-p36
Starflight: Starfighters in Alpha Dawn - Star Frontiersman Issue #5-p9, with errata in the article Stellar Errata in Star Frontiersman #7-p49
Shades of Motion in 3-D - Star Frontiersman Issue #6-p23, with minor errata in the article Stellar Errata in Star Frontiersman #7-p49
Buying and Selling in the Frontier - Star Frontiersman Issue #6-p44
Interview with Steve Winter - Star Frontiersman Issue #7-p53
Tetrarchs, the - Star Frontiersman Issue #7-p35
Adventure Pets! - Star Frontiersman Issue #9-p41
Ifshnit Race - Star Frontiersman Issue #12-p42
Article Indexes - Star Frontiersman Issue #12-p72
Zethra Race - Will appear in Star Frontiersman Issue #13
Adventure Bots! - Will appear in Star Frontiersman Issue #13Interview with Jen Page - Will appear in Star Frontiersman Issue #13
Star Law Revisited - Will appear in Star Frontiersman Issue #13
Equipment - Will appear in Star Frontiersman Issue #13
Star Questions with Sage Advice to Dispel Confusion - ?

Besides these, I also have a number of renderings in the magazines.

After Adventure Pets! (which appeared an issue later), I got tired of the personal attacks, most particularly the cyberstalking from Corvus, so I took a long hiatus. Issue #12 marked my official return to Star Frontiers production.

Here are the Star Frontiers projects and their descriptions that I am working on. If you were at starfrontiers.us before my hiatus, you will recognize several of the book projects (Yes, I'm still working on them.) in no especially particular order. Think of them as my dream list. Anything without a colored note beside it is not currently under production and I would be glad to see others do them:

Adventure Bots! - [Post Production] An article on roleplaying robots of all kinds, even those without programmed personalities or emotions.
Star Questions with Sage Advice to Dispel Confusion - [Post Production] Collected and updated questions and answers on STAR FRONTIERS gaming by Penny Petticord, Carl Smith, Roger E. Moore, Ed Greenwood, Skip Williams, and others.
Star Law Academy - [Post Production] Compiling, revising, and expanding Star Law operations and procedures from the articles "Freeze! Star Law!" by Kim Eastland and Carriers in Star Law by Alex Curylo from Dragon Magazine.
Archetypes: Vrusk Star Law Ranger [Holding]
Futuresports - [Progressing Quickly] Including sports involving physical feats in your game.
Star Law - [Progressing Quickly]
Miscellaneous Equipment - [Finished] Flit board, Data recorder helmet, Rocketbike, Robot restrainer, Hybrid control suit.
Anthromech Masters - Introducing simple and balanced mecha mechanics into the game, as well as explaining how they work and how they function without "getting stuck in the mud".
Safeties Off - [Holding] As a second part of Futuresports, introducing vehicle/ship racing rules to the game.
Beast Riders - Discussing taming animals and presenting the Beast Rider archetype (or skill with subskills) and roleplaying as a tamer.
Character Origins - [Holding] A table of random origins to generate for characters. Generates hundreds of thousands of possibilities. Was originally plagued by others wanting to do their own origins article or claiming to have some part in the development of my project, but having none beyond a simple conversation about the essentially complete table. The other origin projects died, so I'm looking to revive mine.
Alien Worlds and New Frontiers - Discussing the probable setting originally intended by the Alien Worlds game that eventually resulted in Star Frontiers.
Cadrés and Cults: Pirates
Cadrés and Cults: Bounty Hunters
Cadrés and Cults: Mercenaries
Robotics Manufacturers
Dragons of the Frontier and Rim
Occupations for Alpha Dawn - [Holding] A list of occupations with occupational bonus subskills.
Spaceships in Alpha Dawn - [Holding] Spaceship construction rules for Alpha Dawn revising the Starflight article from Issue #5. Corrected and updated rules for Spaceship creation bridging Alpha Dawn and Knight Hawks.
Shades of Motion in 3-D Revised - [Holding] Corrected and expanded rules for 3-D and scaled movement and introduces rules for vectoring quickly and easily without rulers, but with accurate facing and path of travel.
More Dinosaurs!
Archetypes: Human Archivist
Archetypes: Ifshnit Free Trader
Spell Casting - [Holding] The core spell casting capability for R. K. Smoot's Fantasy Frontiers. I'm probably going to present it in the Starfrontiersman first.
Introducing Gadgets and Flaws - Porting the d20 Gadgets and Flaws system to Star Frontiers.
Psionics and Mentalists - [Holding] Revised psionics/mentalist rules introducing balance and playability for the Alpha Dawn rules.
Drivers and Pilots - [Holding] Under reconsideration. Rules for driving in Star Frontiers without mechanical training.
Humma Race
Osakar Race
Sessu Race
Refereeing Mystery Puzzles
Campaign Mechanics - [Progressing Quickly] Introducing specific mechanics tailored to your campaign.
New Robots - A slew of pre-made balanced robots for the game.
Tech Journal: Computers and Robots - [Holding] How Star Frontiers computers and robots work.
Two-Faction Gaming - [Holding] Rules for running a game of two factions.

MedLab 1: The Hargut Crisis - [Holding] For 1-8 beginning characters.
MedLab 1: The New Pale Dilemma - [Holding] For 1-8 intermediate characters.
MedLab 1: The Clarion Call - [Holding] For 1-8 advanced characters.
Ported Gamma Dawn
—Rapture of the Deep - A terrible menace from the sea is threatening villages all along the coast. Whole shoreline communities have been disappearing without a trace. What could be causing these horrible events, and more importantly, what can be done to put a stop to them. Is it some new terrifying monster from the depths? Or is there something more sinisterat work? Can you solve the mystery before it's to late? Travel deep beneath the waves to discover the answer.
—Famine in Far-go - Far-go is dying, the people are afraid, the people are wasting away...the crops are withering in the fieldYou are a group of young adventurers about to begin the sacred Rite of Adulthood. The last hope of survival for Far-Go rest with your party. On your journey to Knowald (Forest of Knowledge), you must search for clues to the origin of the mysterious plague. This quest may lead you into great danger...and great knowledge. As you travel through the savage wilderness, all you have are your companions, your wits, your strength...and your dreams!!!
—The Legion of Gold - All know that there is much to worry about in these difficult times, but the skies have grown darker in the past few weeks, as if an omen of destruction hangs overall. In the past several weeks there have been raids on several outlying towns of the Barony by mysterious golden marauders. Whether these creatures are robots, mutants, or men, none can be sure for reports are scarce. The monsters are rumored to have struck from nowhere, then vanished without a trace, leaving only destruction in their wake.
Ported D20 Future
—Foul Weather - From radiation and black holes to meteorites and cosmic rays, the threats of the cosmos easily trump those of even the harshest terrestrial wilderness. Two derelict spacecraft orbiting a planet on the fringe of known space pay silent homage to the fragility of human life and the raw, devastating power of space. For the past two years, the I.S.S. Beagle and End’s Run have orbited this planet, locked together in a grim dance of death. Can the heroes unlock the secret of their destruction without falling victim to the same fate?
—2001: A Space Odyssy (Rewritten) - Made to be more flexible with alternate scenarios and possibilities, as well as being able to vary the number of players from 1-6. For beginning characters.
—2010: Odyssy Two (Rewritten) - Ibid. For intermediate characters.
—3001: The Final Odyssy - Ibid. The conclusion of the series. For advanced characters.
—Blade Runner - For 1-4 advanced characters.
—Alien - A Gamma Dawn adventure for 1-6 beginning characters.
—Aliens - A Gamma Dawn adventure for 1-6 intermediate characters.
—Alien Outcast (Minor Rewrite of Alien3) - A Gamma Dawn adventure for 1-6 advanced characters.
—Alien Resurrection - For 1-6 advanced characters.


Alpha Dawn Core Rulebook - [Under Construction] Contains the core rules and the core setting with the core races and general Frontier information, base equipment, Base Frontier timeline, Common Frontier campaigns, and central occupations.
Beta Dawn Cybernetics Rulebook - [Progressing Quickly] Cybernetics/bionics rules, Robots, Computers, Interfaces, Gadgets, and Cybernetics campaigns
Gamma Dawn Deviations Rulebook - [Progressing Quickly] Mutation rules, [Under Construction]Mentalist rules, Horror campaigns, Insanity rules, Biotech, and Deviant campaigns
Delta Dawn Fleet Operations Rulebook - [Under Construction] Fleet combat rules, Military operations, Military hardware, Mecha, Military ranks, and Military campaigns.
Epsilon Dawn Infiltrators Rulebook - [Under Construction] Corporate espionage, Sathar counter-espionage, Counter-terrorism, Gadgets, Expanded hand/martial arts combat rules, and Espionage campaigns.
Zeta Dawn Traders and Freighters Rulebook [Under Construction] - Entrepreneurial venturing rules, Corporate conquest rules, Commercial ships, Corporations and mega-corporations, Freelance occupations, Piracy rules, Corporate timeline, and Entrepreneurial campaigns.
Eta Dawn Star Law Campaign Guide - [Under Construction] Star Law operations, Star Law ranks, Star Law procedures, Star Law timeline, and Star Law campaigns.
Theta Dawn MedLab Campaign Guide - [Under Construction] Emergency services, Rescue operations, Developing medicine, MedLab timeline, and Emergency service campaigns.
Iota Dawn Knight Hawks Campaign Guide - [Under Construction] Living in space, Acquiring and maintaining ships, Space occupations, Space station rules, Knight Hawks timeline, and Deep space campaigns.
Kappa Dawn Explorer’s Survival Guide - [Under Construction] Ice and Snow Environments, Aquatic Environments, Gaseous Environments, Deep Space, Survival info, Planet generator, Survival and exploration gear, Crashing on planets, Mapping, and Exploration campaigns.
Lambda 500 Sports and Racing Rulebook - [Under Construction] Rules for running sports and racing campaigns.
Zebulon’s Guide to the Frontier, Volume 1, The Rim Coalition - Fochrik system, Capella system, Osak system, Osakar race, Humma race, Ifshnit race, the Grh’mr asteroid belt in the Fochrik system, new creatures, the Capellan Free Merchants, Mega-corporations, Humma tech, Osakar tech, Ifshnit tech, and Rim Coalition timline.
Zebulon’s Guide to the Frontier, Volume. 2, Volturnus - Zebulon system, Sundown system, Belnefaer system, Scree Fron system, Mechanon system, Truane’s Star System, Dixon’s Star system, , the Mechanon, Other Volturnus races, new creatures, Mechanon tech,
Zebulon’s Guide to the Frontier, Volume 3, The Lesser Morass
Zebulon’s Guide to the Frontier, Volume 4, Yreva Nebula - Athor system, Araks system, Gruna Garu system, Yazirian race, Yazirian tech
Zebulon’s Guide to the Frontier, Volume 5, Dral Space
Zebulon’s Guide to the Frontier, Volume 6, Vrusk Space
Zebulon’s Guide to the Frontier, Volume 7, White Light Nebula
Zebulon’s Guide to the Frontier, Volume 8, The Greater Morass
Zebulon’s Guide to the Frontier, Volume 9, The Vast Expanse
Zebulon’s Guide to the Frontier, Volume 10, The Xagyg Dust Nebula
Western Frontiers - Old West core setting.

I have been considering publishing the above book projects under the FrontierSpace banner to support Bill Logan's endeavor, because I would like to be able to put my name out in the gaming community as someone who puts out quality purchased products.


  1. wow! You've been busy, and it looks like you've got a lot on the burner. Can't wait!

    -Bill Logan

  2. Most of the articles are on stuff that will be going into the books. So it kills two birds with one stone. So what you see in the articles should be taken as separate. The books list more accurately reflects the total of the work I have planned. As for the books, up to Lambda 500 (11 books) is what I plan to finish, but the Zeb's volumes are just stuff I'd likely simply oversee if they got done at all.


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