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Monday, May 3, 2010

Revising Gamma Dawn and Other Stuff

I wanted to give a heads up to anyone interested that I am working on an article for the Star Frontiersman that will provide a revision to the Gamma Dawn rules, making them more uniquely Star Frontiers. It provides a new list of mutations that cuts back some of the more fantastical mutations that are too powerful for Star Frontiers play, more mutations, and two more mutation types.

I have also updated my Starflight article from issue #5 over at the Star Frontiers wiki. It now has proper table names and explanations along with modifications I made in the Stellar Errata article from issue #7.

I have a lot of stuff coming in issue #15, I believe, and I'm getting the impression that Larry wants to get it out more quickly, so it's likely that he'll include all my robot stuff all at once, and wants to include my cybernetics stuff, which surprisingly complements Bill's cyberbionics article from issue #14 quite well. He also seems to be intent on getting my Star Law revision article in there, as well. So far, that's about six articles (a total of about 30-35 pages). It will surely be my issue this month. Not that I planned it that way (I was simply very prolific over the last several months), but it's nice to be read.

I hope my articles are appreciated. I've decided to use this site address as the place to respond to my articles, so that people can contact me directly instead of my usual intermediary through Bill and Larry, as I don't give out my email.