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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dumping the Revised Star Frontiers?

I have decided to stop production on the revised Star Frontiers materials to support the FrontierSpace project. I wanted to wait until it was to a stage that I could make an informed judgment before stopping work on my own revision of the rules. I think a commendable job has been done in creating a new game that is reasonably compatible with the old and should do well on the open market.

I have offered a small amount of my own game design materials to the project along with many others, (enough to be included among developer credits, but not enough to be declared a co-designer, as designer status will remain between Bill and Larry alone) as well as a proposal for a License that third party publishers can use to benefit themselves and DWD Studios (The company Bill and Larry are forming to publish FS).

I will also be contributing much of my art to the project, though sadly, someone else has received the cover. I also plan on setting books in my own settings for FrontierSpace. FrontierSpace, in some ways, is easier to design for than Star Frontiers, as FrontierSpace will be more fleshed out. I will also be proposing a module design document for the project that third party publishers should be required to rely on for continuity (focusing on design elements rather than any sort of formatting or layout).

I will, however, still be writing articles for the Star Frontiersman, and indeed have several completed articles ready to go.