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Friday, July 24, 2009

A Place to Vent and Express My Ideas

Last year I learned not to work on my projects in a public forum. To do so draws undesirable attention. Whether you're busy pissing people off with always making suggestions or having ideas, or you acquire cyberstalkers (which I seem to be the master at anywhere I go), working on projects in a public forum is just a bad idea. So, here I am working on my projects in a place where everyone knows that this is my project and the ideas of others will be carefully gauged by me alone as to whether to include them or not and cyberstalkers will be blocked and those with unsatisfied complaints with how I do things on my project can work on their own project somewhere else. This is my project, not yours. Input is welcome, but attempts to control my project are not welcome.

If you are keenly interested in my projects or my opinions, then I am keenly interested in your input.

C. J. Williams

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